Plagued by Male or Female
Pattern Baldness? 

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    Reverse Male and female pattern baldness
    Preliminary research with individuals suffering from AGA -- male or female pattern baldness -- has been very successful. Every participant with AGA experienced hair growth in the research – even those who had tried other products without success! Our all-natural product has scientifically-proven results, is easy to use and safe, with no reported side effects.
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    Is OstriGrow for You?
    Our studies have found that OstriGrow is useful for treating male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. If your hair loss is due to a different medical condition or to a medical treatment, we can't help you.

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    Participants in our trials all saw new hair growth in two to three months. You should, too!
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    OstriGrow blocks the hormone DHT using antibodies from ostriches. Yup, ostriches are very effective at producing antibodies, which are a completely natural product, harvested from the yolks of ostrich eggs using our patented process. These antibodies neutralize the hormone DHT which causes hair loss. Simply spray it on the part of your scalp where you'd like to regrow hair. OstriGrow is safe to use with no side effects, unlike the chemicals in most hair growth products. 

Powered by Ostrich Antibodies

The application of ostrich antibodies to human health and well-being is based on the work of Dr. Yasuhiro Tsukamoto. He is currently Dean of the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences at Kyoto Prefectural University in Japan, and will become President of the University in April, 2020. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Tsukamoto and his team have focused on the development of antibodies from ostrich eggs against various pathogens, allergens, other substances. An example is OstriGen’s new product, OstriGrow, which employs a combination of four antibodies to combat male and female pattern baldness.

Why Ostrich Antibodies?

Over its 23 million years as a species, the ostrich has developed the most powerful immune system on the planet. Ostriches react to a wider range of antigens and produce a meaningful level of antibodies (IgY) in their blood within two weeks of antigen immunization. Within 4 to 6 weeks of immunization, the IgY appears the yolk of their eggs. A hen ostrich will produce up to 4 grams of IgY per egg, so over her 55 year productive lifetime, she will produce an average of 22 kilograms of antibodies.

Why OstriGrow? It works!

OstriGrow is based on solid research that has been published in respected journals.

In our latest study, we actually measured hair growth by counting the number of hairs in test scalp areas before and after three months of applying OstriGrow. Hair count increase was 69% for males and 73% for females. You can see the details of this latest study by clicking on:

The Efficacy of Ostrich Antibodies to Dihydrotestosterone and 5α-Reductase in the Restoration of Hair Growth

Three months of OstriGrow:
Enough to Grow More Hair

Applying OstriGrow is easy. Simply spray it on your head once a day and massage it into your scalp. View complete instructions.

We will send you application tips and product information to answer your questions and guide your hair growth journey.

You will receive a 3-month supply of OstriGrow. All research indicates you should enjoy more hair growth in 2-3 months!

What People Are Saying...

Great stuff with great results!

By the 3rd month of use my hair was much thicker especially in the hairline which had thinned considerably. I still use the spray at night and wash it off when I shower in the morning. Great stuff with great results!


​Great results, and it’s a natural product

I achieved great results within 2 months. I have been using the product for over two years. I just spray it on one or two times a week now to maintain the hair growth. It is so easy to use, and there have been no side effects.


Very happy with the results!

It's hard to believe that at my age of 70 I saw hair growth in the front and top of my scalp after approximately 10 weeks. Though never completely bald my hair was so thin that you could easily see my scalp. Now the new hair covers nicely. I am very happy with the results.


Is OstriGrow Right For You?

Our research shows that OstriGrow helps people with male or female pattern baldness.

Who is this for

  • People who suffer from AGA -- Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness.
  • People who are willing to commit to daily application of OstriGrow.
  • People who want a natural product that does not enter the bloodstream.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify.

Who is this not for

  • People who are suffering from medical conditions other than AGA (Male or Female Pattern Baldness)
  • People who have experienced hair loss from a medical treatment
  • People who cannot commit to daily application of the product.

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Read our Research Paper that shows how well OstriGrow has performed in our research studies.

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Will it make hair grow where I don’t want it to?

Will it mess up my existing hair?

Are there any side effects?

What’s the best way to use the product?

Will OstriGrow help everyone grow hair?

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